Genealogy & Family History

of Select Virginia Families

Dawn's Genealogy Journey

I created this website to share with family near and far, our family tree, the stories, and the documentation that supports it all.

Throughout the years, I have heard fascinating and some bizarre tales of my ancestors including a brother owner, mountain owner, involvement in shootouts, and one eaten by an alligator. The past 15 years of my personal genealogy research has been personally rewarding and has given me a more wholistic history education.

In an effort to honor the privacy of living relatives, the family tree charts begin with my great grandparents, all of whom are deceased. The names of any persons known to be living are omitted from the family registers and other charts & lists.



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Paternal Great-Grandparents

Maternal Great-Grandparents


The following are repositories & resources frequently used in my research.


Family Register / Family Group Sheet

Pedigree Chart


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